How terrible a place is Beijing?

Judging by the lengths the government is going to make Beijing a “nice” place — pretty terrible! Here are some emergency measures being taken to turn this city around for the two weeks APEC will be in town: Pollution: Government officials have promised nice air for APEC, by closing factories and kicking people out of […]

Beijing v Shanghai, Round 2308

Man, Beijing never comes out on top: 北京人:“我们北京人最幸福,打开窗子就有免费的烟。” 上海人:“那算什么,我们打开自来水就是排骨汤!” (在新浪微博被删除) — Kai-Fu Lee (@kaifulee) March 13, 2013 Translation: “Beijinger: ‘We Beijingers are the luckiest, we can open our windows and get free cigarettes.’ Shanghainese: “That’s nothing, we turn on our faucets and get pork chop soup!’” Previous AP story: Dead pigs found in Shanghai river […]