Beijing’s latest retaliation against Norway

Remember that time back in 2010 when Norway — I mean, the Nobel Committee — awarded Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese human rights activist, the Nobel Peace Prize? And China reacted by canceling high-level meetings, calling off a Norwegian musical, and denying visas to visiting dignitaries. It stopped buying Norwegian salmon. It excluded Norwegians from their new 72-hour visa-free policy.

But worst of all, it didn’t invite the Norwegian Embassy to the next Experience Beijing* event. A source close to the event organizer (i.e. Boyfriend) said that every other embassy in Beijing except Japan received an invitation in person.

Neither side has confirmed the apparent snub, but well … Norway meddling in China’s internal affairs: Never forget.

* Beijing Salon: Experience Beijing is a series of cultural activities that aims to introduce “foreign friends” to traditional Beijing culture, such as kites and Chinese knots. It is run by a tangential arm of the Beijing municipal government. The upcoming program, I’m told, focuses on Spring Festival temple fairs. It’s a very exclusive event, so I can’t find any mention of it on the Internet.

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