Rubber Duckie, you’re the one!

When I was a tiny little child, my parents instilled in me a strong love for ducks. Over the years, both friends and family have reinforced my love for ducks, and this past weekend I indulged in that love by making the trip all the way out to the Summer Palace to go see a giant fake duck parked* in Kunming Lake.

Florentijn Hofman’s sculpture has proven very popular with the Chinese since it visited Hong Kong in May, so much so that it was copied over and over in mainland China before officially being replicated in Beijing. Despite the duck having been here for a while now (since the beginning of September, where it first went to the Garden Expo), there was still a massive crowd when we went. It has been creatively named 大黄鸭 in Chinese, or Big Yellow Duck.

Read more about the duck here and here.

The duck has received considerably less media attention in the U.S., where it was in Pittsburgh.

* I say “parked” because it wasn’t even bobbing up and down in the water or paddling around, as real ducks/rubber duckies do.

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