The expat’s life

If you hadn’t noticed already, expats love talking about being expats. Usually it’s pretty vapid stuff. However, there’s a good discussion at the IHT Rendezvous blog about life as an expat. It started with the general pitfalls of being an expat, which led to what may be the “glass half full” way of looking at […]

Beijing v Shanghai, Round 2308

Man, Beijing never comes out on top: 北京人:“我们北京人最幸福,打开窗子就有免费的烟。” 上海人:“那算什么,我们打开自来水就是排骨汤!” (在新浪微博被删除) — Kai-Fu Lee (@kaifulee) March 13, 2013 Translation: “Beijinger: ‘We Beijingers are the luckiest, we can open our windows and get free cigarettes.’ Shanghainese: “That’s nothing, we turn on our faucets and get pork chop soup!’” Previous AP story: Dead pigs found in Shanghai river […]